As a product is sold globally, usages of the product have much wider variety. Thus, a product needs to be designed considering multiple scenes. To certify that the product performs properly in any scene, industries started to apply Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Whereas multi-domain system simulations are regarded as a prominent approach for the system design of a product, construction of model depends on knowledge and sense modelers. This paper proposes a modelling method to construct appropriate multi-domain system simulation models while reducing dependencies to senses of modelers. The proposed method comprises two parts. First, significant tradeoffs to be studied by the simulation are specified. Second, features of simulation models are deliberated for specified tradeoffs. To specify significant tradeoffs, product and scenes where the product is used are integrated into a model. Further, to deliberate features of simulation model, cognitive model of physical phenomena in a product is employed as well. The proposed method was applied to the development of continuously variable transmission to verify its validity.

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