Much research has been carried out to investigate the dynamical response of a gear system because of its importance on vibration feature analysis. It is well known that the gearbox casing is one of the most important components of the gear system and plays an important role in signal propagation. However, its effects have widely been neglected within the dynamic simulations and few dynamic models have considered the gearbox casing when modeling a gear transmission. This paper proposes a gear transmission dynamical model with the consideration of the effects of gearbox casing. The proposed dynamical model incorporates TVMS, a time-varying load sharing ratio, as well as dynamic tooth contact friction forces, friction moments and dynamic mesh damping coefficients. The proposed gear dynamical model is validated by comparison with responses obtained from experimental test rigs under different speed conditions. Comparisons indicate that the responses of the proposed dynamical model are consistent with experimental results, in both time and frequency domains under different rotation speeds.

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