Natural vibration characteristics are important factors affecting the processing quality for an ultra-precision machine tool. The rapid and accurate calculation method for solving natural vibration characteristics has a significance in machine tool dynamics design. By applying the transfer matrix method for multibody systems (MSTMM), the dynamics model of a single-point diamond fly cutting machine tool is established and the rapid computation of natural vibration characteristics at different rotational speed is completed. The results calculated by MSTMM is compared with those by finite element software ABAQUS, the error between the first ten frequencies calculated by MSTMM and ABAQUS is less than 5.68%. However, as the rotational speed increases, the first eight frequencies and mode shapes have no obvious change, while the 9th and 10th modal change significantly. The mode shapes of 9th and 10th orders are vacillation of the spindle. The results show that the rotation of aerostatic spindle has significant effect on the spindle system and little effect on the other parts.

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