Rui method, namely the transfer matrix method for multibody systems (MSTMM) is a new and efficient method for multibody system dynamics (MSD) for its features as follows: without global dynamics equations of the system, high programming, low order of system matrix and high computational speed. Riccati transfer matrix method for multibody systems was developed by introducing Riccati transformation in MSTMM, for improving numerical stability of MSTMM. In this paper, based on Riccati MSTMM, applying the thought of direct differentiation method, by differentiation of Riccati transfer equations of rigid bodies and joints, generalized acceleration and its differentiation can be obtained. Combined with Backward Euler algorithm, implicit algorithm for Riccati MSTMM is proposed in this paper. The formulation and computing procedure of the method are presented. The numerical examples show that results obtained by first order accurate implicit algorithm proposed in the paper and the fourth order accurate Runge-Kutta method have good agreement, which indicates that this implicit method is more numerical stability than explicit algorithm with the same order accurate. The implicit algorithm for Riccati MSTMM can be used for improving the computational accuracy of multibody system dynamics.

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