Natural vibration characteristics and dynamics response of multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) are of fundamental importance from the viewpoint of vibration levels, firing dispersion, and stability. In this study, a new launch vehicle-supports-rockets coupling dynamic model for a practical MLRS is established. Rui method, namely the transfer matrix method for multibody systems (MSTMM) is a new and efficient method for multibody system dynamics (MSD) and is used to obtain the vibration characteristics and dynamics response. The dynamics model, the topology figure of dynamics model, the transfer equations of elements, the overall transfer equation, the eigenfrequency equation, the body dynamics equations, the generalized coordinate equations, and the dynamics simulation system for the MLRS are established. Based on the advantages of MSTMM in studying MSD, the vibration characteristics and dynamics response of complex MLRS are computed rapidly. Finally, the new model is validated in three ways: (1) modal experiment of MLRS, (2) launch dynamics experiment of non-full loading rockets, and (3) launch dynamics experiment of full loading rockets. The results show that the proposed model can not only simulate the natural vibration characteristics of the MLRS but also effectively perform dynamic simulations of the MLRS during launching process.

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