External mechanical loading is a major contributing factor in pressure ulcer formation and is a major health concern for wheelchair users. Seat cushion technologies are employed to reduce the magnitude and duration of this loading using soft seating surfaces and pressure offloading techniques. However, pressure offloading often results in the creation of new high pressure points which can still lead to pressure ulcer formation. In order to mitigate the issue, a novel closed-loop controlled seat cushion system is developed with sensorized air cell arrays which can continuously monitor pressure profile of a seated person and modulate this interface pressure. This paper presents the control implementation of this seat cushion system using a novel scheduling control algorithm based on bang-bang control as well as the corresponding electronics and pneumatic layout. The effectiveness of the system is demonstrated for real-time pressure mapping, offloading, and redistribution of seating interface pressure and its capabilities of instantaneous local pressure measurement as well as automated pressure modulation are verified.

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