The properties of the Bohemian dome are studied and it is found that for a particular type of Bohemian dome two different parameterizations based on the translation of circles can be obtained for the same surface, therefore, two different hybrid kinematic chains can be designed to generate the same Bohemian dome. These surface generators are reconfigurable and can generate two different surfaces each. Parameterizations for the secondary surfaces are obtained and studied. These hybrid kinematic chains are used to design a kinematotropic linkage with a total of 27 motion branches in its configuration space. The singularities in the configuration space are also determined using the properties of the surfaces. The resultant linkage offers an explanation of Wholhart’s queer-square linkage other than paper folding.

The relationship between the properties of self-intersections in generated surfaces and the configuration space of the generator linkage is studied for the first time leading to the description of motion branches related to self-intersections of generated surfaces.

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