In this paper, the solution region synthesis method for multi-precision-point path synthesis of planar four-bar mechanisms is presented. The solution region method is to represent an infinite number of mechanism solutions in a plane, in which the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate of the plane are both taken as the concerned parameters of the mechanisms. Then the feature curves of the mechanisms can be expressed in the plane. Firstly, the synthesis equations for the multi-precision-point path synthesis of planar four-bar mechanisms are established. Then according to the proposed defect judgment method, the defective solutions are eliminated, and an infinite number of solutions without defects are obtained. After considering and imposing design requirements, the linkages of different types and different curve types are represented in the solution region. Finally, Taking the path generation of eight points as the example, the methodology of establishing the solution region and the feasible solution region are presented, and the synthesis results are illustrated.

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