Complex logic functions based on micro electromechanical resonators has recently attracted significant attention. Realization of complex logic functions through cascading micro resonators has been deterred by challenges involved in their interconnections and the large required array of resonators. This paper presents a micro electromechanical system MEMS resonator with multiple input (actuation) and output (detection) that enables the realization of complex logic operations. The devices are based on a compound resonator consisting of an in-plane clamped-guided arch beam that is mechanically coupled from its guided side to two flexure beams and to another T-shaped resonant beam. As examples, we experimentally demonstrate using the device to realize a half adder and a 1:2 DEMUX, based on electrothermal and electrostatic tuning of the arch beam and side resonant beam. The logic operation is based on the linear frequency modulation. This paper demonstrates that with such compound MEMS resonators, it is possible to build more complex logic functionalities.

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