T gate structure is traditionally manufactured with a valley in its head, which requires the thickness of the head layer to thicker than the height of foot layer. As is presented in this paper, an innovative submicron fabrication process is investigated for T gate structures to construct a flat head in order to get rid of that constraint. In detail, the reason why conventional T gate fabrication cannot manufacture a flat head is analyzed, and then a general process for flat head T gate structure is proposed considering various resist and structure materials. After that, a typical submicron sample has been manufactured using aluminum and NiTi. Furthermore, the particular photo resists and recipes adopted in that sample are considered. To clearly illustrate the proposed technique as well as verify its feasibility, top views of the structure under optical microscope along with the measurement results of thickness after every step are recorded. According to those experimental results, the valley in T gate’s head is proved to be avoided during fabrication.

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