Digitization of networked engineered systems is a technology that is increasingly being adopted to respond to changes in the market. Hence, the need for design methods to design a system adaptable to dynamic changes in the market. It is evident through a critical review of literature that current approaches for designing of networked engineering systems are neither agile nor rapidly configurable, and, at design time, usually do not have flexibility in selection and determination of the values of design parameters to lower the overall cost during the execution of networked engineering systems and simultaneously ensure that the product quality is acceptable. Accordingly, in this paper, a method, Design for Dynamic Management, for the realization of networked engineering systems is proposed. The key features of this method, in the context of Design for Dynamic Management, are adaptability and operability in the design of systems. The efficacy of the method is illustrated on a 2-D panel stamping process. Our focus is on the method rather than the results per se.

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