Experiment on a test bench is one of the key points during the research and development of a transmission. This paper designs a new real-time dynamic test bench based on MATLAB/Simulink® for testing and developing a novel seamless two-speed automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) for electric vehicles (EVs). Structure of the transmission allowing seamless shifting between two gears is also proposed. According to the transmission structure and the real-time testing requirements, hardware components and software system of the test bench are designed. A real-time executable and flexible model of the EV that is more suitable for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, is built to run on Simulink Real-Time platform. The EV model is combined with two induction motors adopting direct torque control (DTC) technique to emulate the dynamic driving conditions of the transmission on the test bench. Simulation and experimental results show that the test bench responds well to the real-time dynamic requirements and it is very useful for testing and developing the proposed transmission.

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