Rotorcraft gearbox efficiencies are reduced at increased surface speeds due to viscous and impingement drag on the gear teeth. This windage power loss can affect overall mission range, payload, and frequency of transmission maintenance. Experimental and analytical studies on shrouding for single gears have shown it to be potentially effective in mitigating windage power loss. Efficiency studies on unshrouded meshed gears have shown the effect of speed, oil viscosity, temperature, load, lubrication scheme, etc. on gear windage power loss. The open literature does not contain experimental test data on shrouded meshed spur gears. Gear windage power loss test results are presented on shrouded meshed spur gears at elevated oil inlet temperatures and constant oil pressure both with and without shrouding. Shroud effectiveness is compared at four oil inlet temperatures. The results are compared to the available literature and follow-up work is outlined.

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