In this paper, the tapered roller bearing supported on the output shaft of the dual clutch transmission was studied. During the operating process of the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) gearbox, the heat generation of the bearing is very large due to the large operating load and high operating speed, which will easily result in bearing failure, such as pitting and abrasion, so it is necessary to investigate the lubrication performances and thermal characteristics of the tapered roller bearing. The simulation models considering or not considering the roller’s spinning (the rollers rotating on their own axles) were established based on Ansys Fluent software. The influences of the roller’s spinning on the lubrication performances of the bearing were analyzed. Furthermore, the transit heat transfer properties of the bearing were simulated and analyzed. The roller’s spinning and transit heat boundary specification were realized by using UDF (user-defined functions). At the same time, the lubrication performances and heat transfer properties of the bearing with different operating conditions are presented and analyzed.

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