In this paper, calculation of no-load transmission error (TE) of planetary gear train is studied. The theory computational model of the eccentric planetary gear train with single planet gear (SPG) under no-load conditions is constructed initially for acquiring the formulas of no-load transmission ratio error and unloaded transmission error (UTE) of internal and external gear pairs. Then computational formula of the UTE of planetary gear train with SPG caused by eccentricity is presented. Through simulation TE and the developed formula of UTE, the eccentricities and initial phasing are uncoupled by curve fitting. Simultaneously, formula of UTE of planet gear train with SPG is validated. At the same time, different groups of initial phasing are analyzed to acquire the relatively good initial phasing group. In addition, the UTE of planetary gear train with multiple planet gears (MPG) caused by eccentricity is developed.

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