In order to measure the transmission error of bevel gear pair, a measurement method of transmission error based on the best mounting distance was introduced. The algorithm of adjustment of the best mounting distance was presented, and the single flank testing of bevel gear pair was carried out on this position. The evaluation of transmission error and frequency spectrum was described. Measurement and control software was developed including the function of data acquisition and processing and graphic display, optimizing search of best mounting distance and SPC statistical analysis. The class diagram, the sequence diagram, the test case diagram and the main interface of the software was designed. The experiment was carried out that the mounting distance on 130.0mm of pinion is the best mounting distance according to the value of the factor F 0.699. Under the best mounting distance, the total tangential composite deviation is 79.27μm. The method and the software mentioned in this paper can be used in measurement of the bevel gear pair or the face gear pair.

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