It is well believed that S-curve motion profiles are able to reduce residual vibration, and are widely applied in the motion control fields. Recently, a new asymmetric S-curve (AS-curve) motion profile, which is able to effectively adjust the acceleration and deceleration periods, is proposed to enhance the performance of S-curve motion profile, and proved to be better than the traditional symmetric S-curve in many cases. However, most commercial motion controllers do not support the AS-curve motion profiles inherently. Special knowledge or expensive advanced controlling systems, such as dSPACE system, are required to generate the AS-curve motion command, which limits the applications of the AS-curve motion profile in many practical applications. In this paper, a generic method based on the Position-Velocity-Time (PVT) mode move supported by most commercial motion controllers is proposed to generate exact AS-curve motion command in real machines. The analytic polynomial functions of AS-curve motion profile are also derived to simplify the further application, and the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by numerical simulation.

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