This paper presents a comprehensive framework for developing a novel time-varying spectrum based active disturbance rejection control (TVS-ADRC) technique. It complements conventional linear or nonlinear ADRC by introducing time-varying components, including time-varying extended state observer, time-varying tracking differentiator, and time-varying feedback, to offer better design flexibility and improved performance in command filtering, disturbance observation, and closed-loop control. First, skeleton stability and convergence analysis is introduced based on differential algebraic spectral theory. Then parameter tuning is categorized into two time-varying principles: a time-based profile and a state-dependent function, and a unified parameterization approach is given by assigning time-varying eigenvalues. Typical applications are pointed out which demonstrate great advantages of TVS-ADRC in consideration of varying plant or environment features and physical limits in practical systems. Challenges and future work for the TVS-ADRC technique are also summarized in the end.

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