Understanding vibration of the wind turbine blades is of fundamental importance. This paper regards the effect of blade mistuning on the coupled blade-hub dynamics. Unavoidably, at any stage of the wind turbine, the set of blades will not be precisely identical due to the inhomogeneous material, manufacturer tolerances, etc.

This paper is based on blade-hub dynamics of a horizontal-axis wind turbine with mistuned blade. The equations of motion are derived for the wind turbine blades and hub exposed to centrifugal effects and gravitational and cyclic aerodynamic forces. The equations are coupled. To decoupled them, the independent variable is changed from time to rotor angle. The resulting blade equations include parametric and direct excitation terms. The method of multiple scales is applied to examine response of the system. This analysis shows that superharmonic and primary resonances exist and are influenced by the mistuning. Resonance cases and the relations between response amplitude and frequency are studied.

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