This work aims to study the modal coupling of a nonlinear two-degrees-of-freedom portal frame platform and a numerical analysis of the system with a nonlinear piezoelectric (PZT) material coupled to one of its columns, both externally base-excited. The nonlinear platform possesses two-to-one internal resonance between its two vibration modes and presenting the saturation phenomenon. The nonlinearities of the piezoelectric material are considered by a nonlinear mathematical relation. Here, it is considered an electro-dynamical shaker with harmonic output. The employed methodology to carry out the analysis of this work was: the application of the method of multiple scales to find the best configuration of the parameters, and to find some kind of phenomena due to the two-to-one internal resonance; several numerical simulations were carried out to optimize the energy harvesting through parametrical variations, bifurcation diagrams, stability diagrams. It will be analyzed: the influence of the nonlinearity of the piezoelectric material and of the electro-dynamical shaker on the energy harvesting. Results showed great influence of the nonlinearity of the material and using the electro-dynamical device. It was possible to gain considerably in energy harvesting and stability of the system.

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