Recent research in the field of origami-inspired engineering has seldom considered dynamic analysis of such structures. In this paper, a dynamic model of a flasher (an origami base that packs into a 3D structure that radially deploys completely flat) is created using multi-body dynamic (MBD) simulation software. This model is deployed by two different methods: strain energy and centrifugal force. The MBD model is created automatically by a series of scripts that transform a crease pattern into a fully defined engineering model. The primary focus is to investigate the deployment time, force and torque distribution in the entire structure, bending angle of the panels, and rigid foldability, through parametric studies of the general flasher parameters. The results may help in flasher design decisions where flasher patterns are applicable such as future star occulter designs, solar arrays, and solar sails. Furthermore, the method is general and creates a groundwork for dynamic analysis of other origami structures.

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