In this paper, we present new Pseudo-Rigid-Body (PRB) models for clamped-free cantilever beams and pinned-free compliant links for predicting natural frequency in dynamics analysis. In recent decades, PRB models have been extensively studied for predicting statics and kinematics of 2D or 3D beams subject to large deformation under tip loads. However, few studies focus on their accuracy for predicting dynamic analysis. Not like in statics and kinematics, the mass distribution of PRB model plays an important factor in dynamics of compliant beams. In this paper, we introduce mass property parameters to the PRB models. By comparing with the continuous model, we search for the optimal set of mass property parameters for minimizing the error of natural frequency. To demonstrate the procedure, we study two cases: clamped-free cantilever beams and pinned-free compliant links both have an end mass. The results show that the natural frequency of the optimized PRB model well agrees with that from the continuous beam model. The modified PRB model will significantly simplify the dynamics modeling in compliant mechanisms.

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