This paper presents a computational method for formulating and solving the dynamical equations of motion for complex mechanisms and multibody systems. The equations of motion are formulated in a preconditioned form using kinematic substructuring with a heuristic application of Generalized Coordinate Partitioning (GCP). This results in an optimal split of dependent and independent variables during run time. It also allows reliable handling of end-of-stroke conditions and bifurcations in mechanisms, thereby facilitating dynamic simulation of paradoxical linkages such as Bricard’s mechanism that has been known to cause problems with some multibody dynamic codes. The new Preconditioned Equations of Motion are then solved using a recursive formulation of the Schur Complement Method combined with Sparse Matrix Techniques. In this fashion the Preconditioned Equations of Motion are recursively uncoupled and solved one kinematic substructure at a time. The results are demonstrated using examples.

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