This paper presents an analytical model for the vibration analysis of V-shaped beam electrothermal microactuators. With the consideration of the unique geometrical feature, i.e., the V-shaped beam with the two inclined half-spans interconnecting at the center of the beam, both lateral and longitudinal flexible deformations are included the vibration model established in this work. Furthermore, the vibrations in the lateral and longitudinal directions are coupled, therefore both the boundary and continuity conditions are defined to obtain the frequency equation. The natural frequencies can be calculated by solving the frequency equation numerically. To verify the established vibration model, the comparison is conducted between analytical results and finite-element (FE) simulation results using commercial software ANSYS. The comparison of the modal shapes and frequencies demonstrate the results based on the established analytical model well agree with FE simulation results. This work provides the first insight study on the vibration analysis of the V-shaped beam electrothermal microactuators with aims to lay the foundation of establishing thermo-mechanical model that could be used for the control of V-shaped actuators, and the improvement design in achieving optimal dynamic performance.

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