Research is currently ongoing for composite materials using natural fiber with a small burden on the environment. We have been focusing on bamboo because of its fast growth, renewability, flexibility, low cost, and high specific strength. We previously proposed a novel hot press fabrication method for binder-free green composite products made from bamboo fibers extracted by end-milling with a machining center. We can use this method to form three-dimensionally shaped products, especially hemispherical shells, by using two kinds of dies. However, this method is complex and takes longer than one-step hot press forming. In the present report, we propose a new method that uses bamboo powder with a particle size of less than 500 μm. Our new method uses one-step hot press forming and is quicker than the previous method at making a hemispherical shell shape. The new method was successfully used to manufacture hemispherical shell-shape products.

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