Innovation in engineering design remains a topic that lacks a formal and consistent framework. It is difficult developing a consistent definition of innovation since it is a phenomenon that is multidisciplinary in nature and present in every facet of our lives from engineering products to the performing and culinary arts. It is thus important to distinguish the general definition of innovation with its applicability in the engineering domain. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of innovation is oftentimes lost when designers try to model innovation in a complex system. The reality is that the perceived engineering innovation in a complex system can be influenced at various levels. It is thus important to provide a tool for designers that provides a clear understanding of the effects of technological progress on the overall performance capability of a complex system. This paper provides a framework to model engineering innovation in engineered systems by introducing an N-Dimensional Growth Model and applying it in the early stages of a design process in order to assist the designer in the selection of technologically innovative concepts.

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