The way a person moves, either in a plain walk or performing a specific task, tells a huge quantity of information about his/her physical and, eventually, neurologic condition. A large part of a physiotherapist work of assessment is based on the qualitative evaluation, mainly visual, of a person’s movements, in terms of balance, speed, control, force and other parameters. This research work aims at providing personnel involved in the rehab process with a quantitative method to assess the way movements are performed. A numerical measure of the performance, actually, allows easier and more precise assessment, eliminating bias due to subjectivity. To accomplish this goal two steps are required: 3D acquisition of the movement using a Motion Capture (Mocap) system, and analysis of collected data to extract or elaborate the final outcome in the form requested by the medical staff. The paper shows the way Mocap acquisition are performed and data are analyzed in the application with people having a complete spinal cord injury and using a wheelchair. The method has been tested with eight volunteers in the rehabilitation department of the Hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy.

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