The flying style of bats has much difference with the birds and insects, which adopt the backward folding movement of the wing when up flapping. The wingspan is changed during the up and down flapping, which makes the effective flapping area difference and the net lift increase. Firstly, basing on the research of bats’ flapping style, the mechanism of active morphing wing is proposed, then the dimensional synthesis is carried out basing on the movement trajectory of bats’ wing, after that, the kinematic model is build and analyzed, and the analysis result is compared with the ADAMS software. The flapping and morphing of the wing is actuated by a single motor, which can increase the power coefficient of the system and realize the coupled flapping and folding motion of the wing at the same time. The folding and stretching of the wing is actuated by a cam installed on the axis of crank, then the space flapping trajectory of the wing can be planed by changing the cam contour and the installation phase, this mechanism provide a way to design the foldable flapping wing aerial vehicles (FWAV).

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