Nonlinear forced vibration of the nonlocal curved carbon nanotubes is investigated. The governing equation of vibration of a nonlocal curved carbon nanotube is developed. The nonlinear Winkler and Pasternak type foundations are chosen for the nanotube resonator system. Furthermore, the shape of the carbon nanotube system is assumed to be of a sinusoidal curvature form and different types of the boundary conditions are postulated for the targeted system. The Euler-Bernoulli beam theory in conjunction with the Eringen theory are implemented to obtain the partial differential equation of the system. The Galerkin method is applied to obtain the nonlinear ordinary differential equations of the system. For the sake of obtaining the primary resonance of the considered system the multiple time scales method is utilized. The influences of different parameters, namely, the position of the applied force, different forms of boundary condition, amplitude of curvature, and the coefficient of the Pasternak foundation, on the frequency response of the system were fully investigated.

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