This paper presents a novel Computer Aided Visualization (CAV) tool to visualize and perform part quality analysis for Additive Manufacturing (AM) before actual fabrication of the part. An algorithm has been developed to extrude the 2D sliced contours to turn them into 3D layered model in the CAD environment. Extrude feature has been used to maintain the high level of precision during virtual fabrication stage. The part quality related issues were identified layer-by-layer by superposition of base model on its virtual layered model. The performance of the proposed automated modelling system is evaluated on different prototype surfaces related to part quality issues. With the proposed Computer Aided Visualization (CAV) tool, users have the facility to modify locally digital product models. The analysis of digital models can be used to generate a report on issues induced in Additive Manufacturing (AM). As a result, of this, the pre-processing and post preparation stage can be altered for optimal results. The proposed tool can significantly decrease the manufacturing lead time and cost needed for quality product development. Furthermore, the CAV tool would be very efficient for custom analysis and rapid product understanding purpose.

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