Within the Collaborative Research Center 666 the algorithm based product development process has been established. It is based on state of the art product development methodologies and enhanced in order to optimize the product development process of integral bifurcated sheet metal parts. Algorithms based on mathematical optimization approaches as well as the initial product requirements and constraints information are applied to obtain an optimized design as CAD-Model. Regarding this methodology there are still some challenges to be solved, such as reduction of iterations steps to elaborate final product design as CAD-model, use of heterogeneous data as well as software and enhancement of information exchange.

Therefore, this paper introduces a concept for a web-based application to support the algorithmic product development methodology and CAD modeling in CRC 666. It enables the development and adaptation of integral bifurcated parts based on the initial optimization data provided by XML-files. Besides the description of use cases and use scenarios, the concept is implemented as a web-based application for validation purposes. Based on the validation, advantages and limitations of the presented approach are discussed.

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