This paper points out that we are now moving into the age of self-actualization, which Maslow proposed as the highest needs of humans. Therefore, we have to consider how we can engage our customers in our engineering. Just as web technology moved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, we have to consider moving from Engineering 1.0 to Engineering 2.0. Although User Experience opened our eyes to the importance of the value of processes, we should not look at our customers just as product users. They are not passive users, but they are very active and would like to externalize their intrinsic motivations. That is why they are called customers. If we develop a new industry framework which allows interchanges of modules/parts across products and industries, we can customize their experience and they can feel the joy of self-determination, self-growth, achievement and fulfillment, just as we do when we play with Lego.

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