Conductive polymer nanocomposites (CPNCs) have gained a lot of attention by the researchers, in recent times, due to their diverse technological applications in different domains. This paper discusses the additive manufacturing of conductive polymer nanocomposite. Maghemite-Multiwalled carbon nanotubes were synthesized, and later dispersed in an acrylate resin, followed by curing with UV DLP 3D printer, under the presence of external magnetic field. Maghemite-Multiwalled carbon nanotubes showed superior magnetic properties, when compared to Multiwalled carbon nanotubes and lead to improvements in preferential alignment of filler material in the polymer matrix. The initial experimental results show preferential alignment of Maghemite-Multiwalled carbon nanotubes in the polymer matrix under the influence of external uniform magnetic field, at an intensity of 120 Gauss.

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