There are many instances where creating finite element analysis (FEA) requires extensive time and effort. Such instances include finite element analysis of tree branches with complex geometries and varying mechanical properties. In this paper, we discuss the development of Immediate-TREE, a program and its associated Guided User Interface (GUI) that provides researchers a fast and efficient finite elemental analysis of tree branches. This process was discussed in which finite element analysis were automated with the use of computer generated Python files. Immediate-TREE uses tree branch’s data (geometry, mechanical properties and etc.) provided through experiment and generates Python files, which were then run in finite element analysis software (Abaqus) to complete the analysis. Immediate-TREE is approximately 240 times faster than creating the model directly in the FEA software (Abaqus). The process used to develop Immediate-TREE can be applied to other finite element analysis of biological systems such as bone and tooth.

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