Current research suggests that the performance of electric vehicle with a single-speed transmission can still be widely improved. The novel two-speed uninterrupted transmission consists of a single-row planetary, a centrifugal clutch, a brake, and two motor controlling clutch and brake. Changing the switch of clutch and brake can achieve two-speed uninterrupted gearshifts. Different from the traditional centrifugal clutch, a novel adjustable device is specifically designed to control the switch of clutch. Torque characteristics of clutch prototype are displayed. Some differences of the gearshift methodology are specifically designed to compensate for the characteristics of the electric traction motor and the adjustable centrifugal clutch. The specific simulation model is established according to the novel uninterrupted transmission prototype. The dynamic characteristics of the two-speed uninterrupted transmission system are analyzed. The higher utilization ratio of the traction motor power increases the efficiency of the traction motor with the novel two-speed uninterrupted transmission.

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