Gear misalignments originate unwanted uneven load distributions that increase contact pressures and the bending stresses, reducing the service life of gear drives. Therefore, it is very important to take into account the misalignments in the determination of contact pressures when designing a gear transmission. Some of these misalignments are related to manufacturing and assembly errors, but others are produced by the deformation of the shafts when power is transmitted. These deformations cause misalignment of the gears, modifying the contact bearing and the pressure distribution, which modifies the deformation of the shafts, leading to a coupled problem not always easy to solve. In this work, a new approach to solve this problem is proposed, based on an iterative algorithm which uncouples the determination of the deformation of the shafts from the contact problem. The proposed approach has been tested through various configurations of spur gear drives. The obtained results are compared with those obtained using a finite element model, showing a good correlation between them, but with a significant reduction of the computational cost.

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