Recent advances in design, fabrication, and programming technologies enable the rapid digital manufacturing of functional robotic systems. Novices can quickly fabricate mechanical frames thanks to 3D printers and cut-and-fold techniques and quickly program the control behavior of a robot using modern software environments. However, there is still not a systematic way to design custom printed circuit boards (PCB). In this work, we propose a hierarchical approach that allows casual users to quickly and easily create PCBs. A drag-and-drop graphical interface allows users to intuitively assemble PCBs from a library of predesigned, parameterized components, and a script-based infrastructure automatically composes all of the electronic systems based on user inputs. The final output is a fabrication-ready electronic design. Within this framework, we also propose a verification analysis that allows the user to quickly check that the developed design conforms to electrical constraints like voltage, current, and power limitations. Finally, we validate the proposed co-design environment with experimental results through the realization of a teleoperated segway robot.

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