In order to analyze turbine blades vibration caused by flutter, it is necessary to understand both aerodynamic damping and structural damping of high vibration stress. Flutter Vibration mode occurring in rated speed is non-synchronous mode. For measuring non-synchronous mode damping ratio of turbine blades, AC-type electromagnet which can generate high frequency excitation force was developed. Damping ratio characteristics of non-synchronous mode of nodal diameter 12,4 was measured in rotational test. For comparison, synchronous mode of nodal diameter 4 was measured, too. It was concluded as follows. (1) It is possible to excite non-synchronous mode by high frequency excitation electromagnet and calculate damping ratio from measurement resonance curve. (2) Damping ratio of non-synchronous mode ND12,4 was increased by increasing the excitation force. Synchronous mode ND4 is also a similar trend. (3) Nodal diameter 4 damping ratio of non-synchronous mode (Resonant speed=100%) was lower than synchronous mode (Resonant speed=75%).

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