This work analyzes the nonlinear vibrations of a simply supported functionally graded cylindrical shell considering the effects of an internal fluid and static preloading. The cylindrical shell is subjected to a time dependent axial loading. The fluid is considered to be incompressible, non-viscous and irrotational and its effect on the shell wall is obtained using the potential flow theory. The shell is modeled by Donnell nonlinear shallow shell theory. The axial and circumferential displacement fields are described in terms of lateral displacement, thus generating a low-dimensional model, while the lateral displacement field is determined by a perturbation procedure which provides a general expression for the nonlinear vibration modes. These modal expansions satisfy the boundary and symmetry conditions of the problem. The discretized equations of motion are obtained by applying the Galerkin method. Various numerical techniques are employed to obtain the resonance curves and time responses of the cylindrical shell, showing the influence of the geometry, the internal fluid, static preloading and functionally graded material law on the shell dynamics and stability.

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