This paper demonstrates a new method for modeling finite element tire assemblies. The tires are modeled using the large deformation and large rotation finite element method called the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation (ANCF). The recently introduced concept of the ANCF reference node along with fully parameterized ANCF plate elements is used to create a tire-rim assembly. The rigid rim inertia is represented by the ANCF reference node whereas the tire structure is represented by ANCF plate elements. Six nonlinear constraint equations ensure the rigidity of the ANCF reference node during the dynamic simulation, whereas linear connectivity conditions that are eliminated at a preprocessing stage are imposed between the reference node and the ANCF plate elements in order to connect the rim to the tire structure. Additionally, a continuum-based air pressure model is used to describe the tire air pressure forces and a point based contact model is used describe the tire-ground interaction. The tire material is characterized by a composite material model that takes into account the composite nature of the tire structure. Finally, results from the dynamic simulation of a vehicle model that is described in a single ANCF mesh and makes use of the aforementioned concepts are shown.

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