This paper presents a metamorphic parallel mechanism which can switch its motion between pure translation (3T) and pure rotation (3R) motion. This feature stems from a reconfigurable Hooke (rT) joint of which one of the rotation axes can be altered freely. More than that, based on the reconfiguration of the rT joint, workspace of both 3T and 3R motion can be tunable and the rotation center of the 3R motion can be controlled along a line perpendicular to the base plane. Kinematics analysis is presented based on the geometric constraint of the parallel mechanism covering both 3T and 3R motion. Following these screw theory based motion/force transmission equations are obtained and their characteristics are investigated and linked to the singularity analysis using Jacobian matrix. Motion/force transmission indices can be used to optimize basic design parameters of the metamorphic parallel mechanism. This provides reference of this mechanism for potential applications requiring 3T and 3R motion.

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