The subject of this paper is about the kinematic analysis and the trajectory planning of the Orthoglide 5-axis. The Orthoglide 5-axis a five degrees of freedom parallel kinematic machine developed at IRCCyN and is made up of a hybrid architecture, namely, a three degrees of freedom translational parallel manipulator mounted in series with a two degrees of freedom parallel spherical wrist. The simpler the kinematic modeling of the Orthoglide 5-axis, the higher the maximum frequency of its control loop. Indeed, the control loop of a parallel kinematic machine should be computed with a high frequency, i.e., higher than 1.5 MHz, in order the manipulator to be able to reach high speed motions with a good accuracy. Accordingly, the direct and inverse kinematic models of the Orthoglide 5-axis, its inverse kinematic Jacobian matrix and the first derivative of the latter with respect to time are expressed in this paper. It appears that the kinematic model of the manipulator under study can be written in a quadratic form due to the hybrid architecture of the Orthoglide 5-axis. As illustrative examples, the profiles of the actuated joint angles (lengths), velocities and accelerations that are used in the control loop of the robot are traced for two test trajectories.

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