An integrated electro-mechanical drive train component for heavy duty vehicles in off-road applications is presented. The component utilizes a two-step transmission and a tooth-coil permanent magnet motor and has compact size enabling in-wheel installation. The driveline design procedure is surveyed to explore the advantages of a geared electric motor in electric drivelines. Multibody dynamic simulation is applied to verify the functionality of the driveline. A vehicle generic model that is compatible with a multibody simulator program is developed to describe the performance of the proposed driveline in different vehicles. A co-simulation procedure is applied to combine the electric motor and vehicle body simulation models. It is shown that the co-simulation can be performed in real-time, thus enabling a human driver to control the vehicle. A comparison is made of the rear wheel drive and wheel mounted electric motor from the efficiency and performance points of view. The power consumption of vehicles with different driveline architectures is calculated to diagnose the weak points of the system and enhancement solutions are proposed.

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