The geometrical reconstruction of centrifugal pump impellers is a strategic activity for many manufacturing industries. In particular, the digitalization of internal hydraulic shapes represents the most critical task due to the difficulties in accessing the internal parts of impeller disks.

In this paper, an automatic approach to digitize the internal shape of impellers is presented. The methodology is based on the integration of optical and probing methods in order to combine the advantages of both technologies. The developed approach uses an optically tracked hand-held probe designed to digitize, point-by-point, the whole surface of blades. The tracking system is based on a passive device, composed of two stereo cameras, which is used to accurately locate a specific plate, rigidly connected to a probe. The proposed methodology has been validated by experimental tests on primitive surfaces as plane, cylinders and spheres. Nonetheless, the robustness and flexibility of the developed technique has allowed the whole reconstruction of industrial impellers through the acquisition of hundreds of points in few minutes.

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