The interest of people working in rehabilitation towards the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality (VR) technologies is growing in years. Through VR technologies, rehabilitation can become more engaging with respect to traditional methods, since exercises can be performed in different simulated scenarios. They can be adapted on the basis of patient’s requests, and can be easily modified to have growing difficulties, according to the rehabilitation progresses. Furthermore results can be collected and monitored, even remotely, if necessary. The paper describes the development and testing of a set of exercises in a multimodal VR environment for upper limb rehabilitation. The VR environment includes technologies addressing three senses: vision, hearing and touch. The patient is asked to grab and move a number of objects in an ecologically valid environment, which corresponds to a household scenario. While s/he performs the exercises, object trajectories are recorded in order to be analyzed later on. The development as well as a preliminary testing activity are reported in the paper.

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