The hypoid gear used in automobile differential has a complex shape, and the estimation of the contact conditions is difficult. Therefore we devised a method of analysis of the tooth contact conditions using a high reply thermography as a non-contact analysis method by analyzing the temperature distribution during meshing between the pinion and the gear. We decided to perform a high-speed photography used by thermography and defined the extraction line in a shot thermal image to extract the temperature data from the thermal images. The temperature distribution provided by extraction line shows a different temperature rising shape and the position of the tooth surface obtained using the extraction line moves up and down during the cycle of each tooth. This cyclic nature is in good accordance with the whirling of the shaft caused by the geometry error of the shaft center which was thought to have an influence on the contact conditions. In addition, as the extraction line was defined on the thermal image, it does not follow the movement of the gear, but the movement of the temperature distribution obtained using the extraction line matches the displacement of the gear by the whirling.

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