Planetary gear transmission system is one of the primary parts of the wind turbine drive train. Due to the assembly state, lubrication conditions and wear, the mesh stiffness of the planetary gear system is an uncertain parameter. In this paper, taking the uncertainty of mesh stiffness into account, the dynamic responses of a wind turbine gear system subjected to wind loads and transmission error excitations are studied. Firstly, a lumped-parameter model is extended to include both the planetary and parallel gears. Then the fluctuation ranges of dynamic mesh forces are predicted quantitatively and intuitively based on the combined Chebyshev interval inclusion function and numerical integration method. Finally, examples of gear trains with different interval mesh stiffnesses are simulated and the results show that tooth separations are becoming more obvious at the resonant speed by considering the fluctuating mesh stiffness of the second parallel gear stage. The nonlinear tooth separations are degenerated obviously as the fluctuation error of the mesh stiffness of the second parallel gear set is increased.

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