By integrating the procedures of wear prediction with multibody dynamics, this paper proposed a numerical approach for the modeling and prediction of wear at revolute clearance joint in flexible multibody mechanical systems. In the approach, the flexible component was modeled by using absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF)-based element. The clearance joint was modeled as a dry contact pair, in which the continuous contact force model proposed by Lankanrani and Nikravesh was applied to evaluate the normal contact force, and the friction effect was considered using the LuGre friction model. The calculation of wear was performed by an iterative wear prediction procedure based on Archard’s wear model. Using this approach, a planar slider-crank mechanism including a flexible rod and clearance joint was numerically investigated as a demonstrative example. Furthermore, the effects of the flexibility of the mechanism and the clearance size on the wear at clearance joint were also studied.

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