Redundancy-free computational procedure for solving dynamics of rigid body by using quaternions as the rotational kinematic parameters will be presented in the paper. On the contrary to the standard algorithm that is based on redundant DAE-formulation of rotational dynamics of rigid body that includes algebraic equation of quaternions’ unit-length that has to be solved during marching-in-time, the proposed method will be based on the integration of a local rotational vector in the minimal form at the Lie-algebra level of the SO(3) rotational group during every integration step. After local rotational vector for the current step is determined by using standard (possibly higher-order) integration ODE routine, the rotational integration point is projected to Sp(1) quaternion-group via pertinent exponential map. The result of the procedure is redundancy-free integration algorithm for rigid body rotational motion based on the rotational quaternions that allows for straightforward minimal-form-ODE integration of the rotational dynamics.

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