In a flurry of articles in the mid to late 1990s, various metrics for the group of rigid-body motions, SE(3), were introduced for measuring distance between any two reference frames or rigid-body motions. During this time it was shown that one can choose a smooth distance function that is invariant under either all left shifts or all right shifts, but not both. For example, if one defines the distance between two reference frames to be an appropriately weighted Frobenius norm of the difference of the corresponding homogeneous transformation matrices, this will be invariant under left shifts by arbitrary rigid-body motions. However, this is not the full picture — other invariance properties exist. Though the Frobenius norm is not invariant under right shifts by arbitrary rigid-body motions, for an appropriate weighting it is invariant under right shifts by pure rotations. This is also true for metrics based on the Lie-theoretic logarithm. This paper goes further to investigate the full invariance properties of distance functions on SE(3), clarifying the full subsets of motions under which both left and right invariance is possible.

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